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In May we all enjoyed our second annual Fellowship Retreat at the Old Hospital Loch.  

In May we all enjoyed our second annual Fellowship Retreat at the Old Hospital Loch.  

Our Fellowship

Our Services

We hold a service on the third Sunday of each month.  In most services, we focus on themes of spiritual growth, human potential, and moral issues that we all face in everyday living.  There is also an emphasis on addressing important social and ethical issues, as well as a strong sense that being and working together provides us the sense of community and belonging that many of us need and seek.  We stream these services over Zoom for participants who live too far from Melbourne to join our services.

On the first Sunday of the month, we hold an informal zoom service.  These sessions vary and may be a guided meditation, a discussion on a Unitarian-Universalist principle, or a speaker on a social justice issue.

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Socializing together

We enjoy sharing meals together. We usually go out for a coffee or lunch together after our Sunday services and it has become our tradition to share a Thanksgiving Dinner each November.

Annual Retreat

Each year we hold a weekend retreat as a way of joining together our in-person and Zoom attendees.  We stay at the Old Loch Hospital in Loch, Victoria. Our weekend together enjoys a mixture of structured activities including discussions and talks, and ‘down-time’ with meditation, exercise, music, walks and good food.

Our short history

Melbourne Unitarian Universalist Fellowship started in 2013 as a small group who met at
Ross House in Flinders Lane, Melbourne.   Many of us had attended other Unitarian groups, or had experienced Unitarian Universalism in the United States, and we wanted to form a group with a spiritual and humanist emphasis, rather than a strongly politicised approach.

We incorporated as First Unitarian Universalists of Melbourne in 2014 and shifted our
meetings to the Multicultural Hub opposite the Victoria Market that year.  In December 2020 we changed our name to Melbourne Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

We continued to meet at the Multicultural Hub until February 2022, when we shifted to
Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre in Carlton.

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