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Past Services - 2021-2023


17 December     Breaking into History:  the birth of Jesus of Galilee, Roman National

19 November     Does Kindness Help?

15 October         Perennials

17 September    Bittersweet Spring

20 August          Beyond Belief: IS Pentecostal Christianity taking over the world?

16 July               Pursuit of Happiness

18 June              Celebrating Bullarto Dumbalk

21 May               Cycles

18 April              How is Australia Doing?

19 March           Women's History Month - Mary Montgomerie Bennet

19 February       Valentines Day



18 December     Christmas Celebration

20 November     Soul Searching

16 October         Sharing our Spiritual Journeys

18 September    Getting Serious About UUism

21 August           The Soul of Money

17 July                Loving Kindness

19 June              The Wonderosity of Nature

15 May               We Are What We Do -- Emotions, Trauma and Happiness

17 April               Judicial Killings 

20 March            The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

20 January         How do we describe Unitarian Universalism?



19 December     The Music of Christmas

21 November     Gratitude as a Spiritual Practice

17 October         Sources of Wisdom

19 Sep               Fear:  Beyond Angels and The Croods

15 August           Promising, Forgiveness, and Redemption

18 July               The Masks We Wear

20 June              Carlo Rovelli, Physicist and Atheist

16 May               Plenty

18 April               Movement as a Spiritual Practice

21 March            Martha Turner, Unitarian Leader (1838-1915)

21 February        The 1st Principle:  Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person

17 January         The Year of the Rat

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